What is Shot Peening of Springs?

Spring shot peening is an essential metal finishing process used to enhance the strength and fatigue life of springs. By bombarding spring surfaces with high-velocity media, the method introduces compressive stresses that prevent cracks and enhance the overall durability of the springs. Halo Metal Prep utilizes advanced shot peening services to ensure your springs can better withstand high-stress applications.

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Benefits of Spring Shot Peening

Spring shot peening can improve the longevity and performance of components subjected to cyclic loads, especially in the automotive and aerospace industries. This process not only extends the life of springs but also increases their load-bearing capacity. At Halo Metal Prep, we focus on providing a shot peening service that ensures your springs will maintain their performance over an extended period, reducing the need for frequent replacements and maintenance.

Shot Peened Springs: Enhanced Performance and Reliability

Our shot peened springs are treated to withstand severe loading conditions without succumbing to fatigue. The process is particularly beneficial for compression springs, which are essential in various mechanical setups. By enhancing the surface integrity and inducing beneficial compressive stresses, we make sure that the springs you receive from Halo Metal Prep offer unmatched performance and reliability.