Solving Your Most Challenging Metal Finishing Needs

We offer unparalleled quality and expertise in metal blasting services. Our team is skilled in metal finishing, shot peening, and sandblasting.

Shot Peening & Blasting

Our shot blasting services include shot peening, ceramic peening, plastic bead blasting, steel grit blasting, aluminum oxide blasting, and glass bead blasting. Halo Metal Prep also houses a custom-made Spinner Hanger that can handle large volume jobs.

There are important differences between Shot Blasting and Shot Peening. When searching for shot peening services near me, it is imperative to know the difference. Shot blasting is a process with no set parameters. Shot blasting allows you to accelerate media at a part without regard as to how hard it is impacting the surface. Shot Peening uses controlled parameters to reach the target impact velocity to impinge the part with a specified intensity, meaning you’re controlling how hard you hit the part. Shot Blasting is simply shot peening without parameters. It is used to either clean parts in preparation for another process or as a final finish. Shot Peening works because the process utilizes compressive stress to help reduce the formation of microcracks. The compressive layer created prevents cracks from forming through it. Shot peening services are particularly applicable in industries like aerospace where metal components will be placed under intense stress but cannot afford to crack or fail.

Commercial Metal Finishing

We fulfill all metal finishing needs of prototype and production parts, which include degreasing and surface preparation. Our commercial metal finishing services also include OEM and aftermarket part preparation for plating, coating, painting, anodizing, heat treating, and more.

It may be thought that metal finishing is not an essential process for some manufacturers, or a major priority, especially for prototypes. However, metal finishing is not simply for aesthetics. Proper metal finishing will enhance metal parts in multiple ways. Depending on the use of your component, you may want it to have enhanced strength characteristics, become free of flaws, or textured correctly to hold plating, painting or lubricant. Finishing processes help to enhance the overall quality of a part, elevating it from a standard piece to the beginnings of, or a completed fully actualized component. Whether you’re prepping for another stage or utilizing finishing as a final process, metal finishing is often a must.

Additional Services

  • Shot Blasting

  • Glass Beading

  • Ceramic Peening

  • Aluminum Oxide Blasting

  • Plastic Media Blasting

  • Steel Grit Blasting

Industries That Rely on Our Metal Finishing Services


Shot Peening is essential for aerospace metal finishing applications. Shot peening is what helps to ensure that all components in an aircraft are resistant to cracking, fatigue, and catastrophic failure. This holds particularly true for parts that are geometrically complex. Such as it is, the aerospace industry leaves no room for human error on manufactured parts — shot peening goes a long way toward preventing air disasters from part failure.


Shot peening is associated with high-wear parts, which includes large gears, shafts and many other heavy-duty items. While shot peening is used for these larger parts, the process will improve the strength of components of all sizes. The Medical Industry utilizes shot peening on many high-wear parts used in the body, including bone screws, dental implants, hip replacements and spinal implant rods. The same resistance to parts cracking or failing from wear is needed. Shot peening is an effective way to enhance the strength of medical devices so they can assist patients more effectively and for a longer duration.


For automotive metal finishing of aftermarket prototype and production parts, shot peening can be used to its greatest advantage on gears, transmission components, drive shafts and sway bars. These automotive parts are both essential for the vehicle’s function and are also put under the most strain. Shot peening helps ensure that each part will last a long time and perform at optimum levels. This saves money and time in the long run.

The Halo Metal Prep Metal Blasting & Shot Peening Services Quality Standard

The Halo Metal Prep team prides ourselves on quality and consistency, from our initial consult to final inspection. We focus on maintaining zero defects, reworks, and returns.

Whether you need shot peening services or metal finishing, Halo Metal Prep is the team to call. Contact us today to learn more or to request a quote.