Solving Your Most Challenging Finishing Needs

We offer unparalleled quality and expertise in metal improvement services. Our team is skilled in metal finishing, shot peening, sandblasting, deburring, and metal polishing.

Shot Peening & Blasting

Our shot blasting services include shot peening, ceramic peening, plastic bead blasting, steel grit blasting, aluminum oxide blasting, and glass bead blasting. Halo Metal Prep also houses a custom-made Spinner Hanger that can handle large volume jobs.

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Commercial Metal Finishing

We fulfill all metal finishing needs of prototype and production parts, which include deburring, polishing, degreasing, and surface preparation. Our commercial metal finishing services also include OEM and aftermarket part preparation for plating, coating, painting, anodizing, heat treating, and more.

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Polishing and Buffing

Halo Metal Prep provides production polishing and buffing services for tool and dies. We handle materials such as stainless steel, steel, carbon steel, titanium, aluminum, copper, nickel, InconelĀ®, and MonelĀ®. We also grind and polish flat shapes, as well as curved and rounded geometries. We also offer prototype and low- to high-volume production.

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Additional Services

  • Shot Blasting

  • Glass Beading

  • Ceramic Peening

  • Die Polishing

  • Bench Polishing

  • Aluminum Oxide Blasting

  • Plastic Media Blasting

  • Steel Grit Blasting

Industries That Rely on Our Metal Finishing Services


Aerospace metal finishing of prototype and production components.


We support OEM suppliers to the healthcare industry metal finishing of prototype and production components.


Automotive metal finishing of aftermarket prototype and production parts.

The Halo Metal Prep Quality Standard

The Halo Metal Prep team prides themselves on quality and consistency, from our initial consult to final inspection. We focus on maintaining zero defects, reworks, and returns.

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