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Shot Peening • Sandblasting • Deburring • Polishing

Welcome to Halo Metal Prep, a leading Ohio metal finishing company. For over 30 years, we’ve supplied fast turnaround, highly competitive pricing, and quality metal finishing of components.

Our core services include metal finishing, shot peening, sandblasting, deburring, and metal polishing. We offer unparalleled expertise in metal finishing and our highly skilled staff is here to solve your most challenging metal improvement issues.

In addition, we offer leading-edge Research and Development processes that allow us to take your sample parts and show you a range of finishes to determine your exact needs.

Our ISO-certified system assures quality and performance while processing your components in a timely manner.

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Our Metal Finishing Services

Why Choose Halo Metal Prep for Metal Finishing?

Great pricing and fast turnaround with zero defects are the primary reasons customers work with Halo Metal Prep. Customers quickly realize the extent of our experience in solving metal finishing problems, which is why we become a trusted partner in helping to improve the final part. Rely on Halo Metal Prep as your metal improvement company.

The Halo Metal Prep Quality Standard

Throughout Halo Metal Prep, you will find one imperative that encompasses everything we do – quality. Consistency and quality are at the forefront of our operations, from our initial consult on your parts through final inspection. We pride ourselves on maintaining zero defects, reworks, and returns.

ISO Compliant Quality Management System
Halo Metal Prep, Inc is certified through SAI Global and complies with the requirements of ISO Compliant Quality Management System with a scope registration in Metal Shot Peening, blasting, deburring, polishing services, with a full range of finishing and support services.

View our SAI Global certificate of registration.

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See How Competitive Our Pricing Is.
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At Halo Metal Prep, we handle production volume of any size, from small to large.