The Experience and Technology to Solve Almost ANY Metal Finishing Task

Steel Grit Blasting

Steel grit media is an angular abrasive that we offer to deburr, deflash, texture, remove rust and scale. This process can also be used to rapidly remove coatings as well as prepare the surface prior to painting. The deep etch provides superior bonding qualities. Industries served include die casting, fabricating, powder coating friction products bonding and equipment refurbishing.

Aluminum Oxide

Aluminum oxide like steel grit is an angular media, but without the ferrous properties. It’s fast cutting capabilities make it the common media of choice for many blast procedures. There are many uses such as scale & rust removal, preparation prior to top coating, plating and bonding. Coating removal on components where steel media may be too harsh or if there is no tolerance for ferrous contamination.

Glass Bead

A common and widely used media for many reasons. This inert media provides a superior finish without impregnating the surface with oxides which could lead to corrosion later. Glass beads are used for peening also, but have a tendency to break down quickly, especially at higher pressures. Efficient reclamation and classification processes are always a major priority in our facility.

Precision Deburring and Polishing

A manual process performed by trained and highly skilled operators on parts that require deburring and polishing only in specified areas and to close tolerances.

A common term used for this is benching. A mechanical process is usually performed using hand-held die grinders and a variety of special abrasives for both interior and exterior finishing on ferrous and nonferrous components.

Benefits to Precision Deburring and Polishing include:

  • Edge radiusing for handling purposes or to meet the customers requirements

  • Exclusively addresses the area specified without affecting adjoining surface finishes or disturbing critical dimensions
  • Stress-relieving qualities are realized by removing stress risers that can cause cracks and lead to component failure
  • Not limited by the geometry of the part
  • Improves aesthetics
  • Helps with the functionality and smooth operation of working parts
  • Tolerances held within .001
  • Microfinishes held to customers specification

Industries We Serve

  • Die Casting

  • Stamping

  • Forging

  • Investment Casting

  • Fabricating

  • Sand Casting

  • Aircraft

  • Stamping & Forging Dies

  • Extrusions

Production Polishing & Buffing

Halo Metal Prep performs on all ferrous and nonferrous metal components to the customer’s desired finish.

Production polishing and buffing differs from benching. Benching is the term used typically when the operator takes the polishing tool to the part. Production mechanical polishing also involves an operator, but the part is introduced to the polishing machine/device using a particular abrasive.

Production Polishing & Buffing Process Applications:

  • Stainless & Brass Faucets (Stamped or Casted)
  • Decorative Aluminum & Brass Fixtures (Casted, Fabricated, Stamped or extruded)
  • Automotive Trim and Wheels (Stamped, Casted or machined)
  • Medical/Surgical Instruments (Machined, Casted, Fabricated or Stamped)