What is Shot Peening for Gears?

Shot peening is an essential process for enhancing the fatigue strength and lifespan of gears, key components in automotive and industrial machinery. At Halo Metal Prep, we specialize in shot peening gears to improve their resistance to fatigue failures, stress corrosion cracking, and premature wear. This process involves bombarding gear surfaces with small, spherical media to impart a layer of compressive stress, which significantly extends their operational life.

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Benefits of Shot Peened Gears

Utilizing shot peened gears in machinery offers substantial advantages. The compressive stresses induced by shot peening counteract the tensile stresses that gears endure during operation, which are responsible for fatigue and failure. This treatment is crucial for gears operating under high stress or in adverse conditions, as it enhances their durability and performance. At Halo Metal Prep, our precise shot peening process increases the depth and intensity of compressive stresses, further enhancing gear robustness and service life.

Choose Halo Metal Prep for Reliable Gear Peening

Selecting Halo Metal Prep for shot peening your gears means choosing a partner committed to quality and durability. Our advanced shot peening technology and expert technicians ensure that each gear meets stringent industry standards and delivers optimal performance. Whether you are in the automotive, aerospace, or manufacturing industry, our shot peening services are designed to provide maximum reliability and cost-effectiveness.