Industrial Metal Finishing

At Halo Metal Prep we offer a range of metal finishing services, including degreasing and surface preparation. Whether it’s individual prototypes or an order of production parts, we have the in-house expertise, equipment, and knowledge to prepare your metal parts for their final use.

Industrial metal finishing prepares parts for plating, coating, painting, anodizing, and heat treating, ensuring the metal is textured correctly for the next step in the process.

Halo Metal Prep has advanced equipment for shot peening and shot blasting, including custom fabricated spinner/hanger equipment for larger volumes. Shot peening can help strengthen a metal part by evening out the surface imperfections and decreasing the risk of cracks or fissures in a finished part. As the surface is compressed by the shot peening process, it helps mitigate the formation of microcracks, resulting in a stronger and more reliable part. This is particularly helpful for parts used in the aerospace industry where reliability under extreme stress is paramount.

Shot Blasting and Shot Peening

Shot blasting is a less refined technique, without the tight parameters of shot peening. Shot blasting is used for cleaning parts that were recently heat treated or manufactured and prepares them for the next stage in the manufacturing process.

Our shot peening and shot blasting processes utilize several types of media, such as ceramics, plastic beads, steel grit, aluminum oxide, and glass beads. In the shot blasting process we use steel grit, aluminum oxide, and glass beads specifically. Steel grit is an angular abrasive and can remove material quickly, as well as being able to rapidly etch a surface to provide a key for paint. Like steel grit, aluminum oxide is also an angular media. Aluminum oxide is used for scale and rust removal and as preparation for top coating, plating, and bonding where steel grit may be too harsh of a material. Glass beads are used for a superior finish that does not impregnate the surface with oxides that could lead to corrosion.

The Need For Metal Finishing

Metal finishing serves several purposes. It is necessary to remove surface defects to make sure parts are to size and shape specifications. It can lessen the effects of corrosion and stress fatigue by compacting the surface and reducing the amount of microcracks. It can serve as a key for paint adhesion, and it enhances the part’s resistance to chemicals. It reduces the effects of friction and improves the overall appearance of a metal part.

Whether you have a single part to finish or pallets of parts to process as part of a manufacturing run, Halo Metal Prep can help. Our customers love our quick turnaround times and attention to detail. Our QC is second-to-none, and we’re proud to say our customers see us as partners in their manufacturing process.

Our shop runs smoothly and efficiently, and we’re exceptionally proud of our turnaround times. Whatever challenges you have on your next project, discuss it with us and we’ll work with you on a turnaround time that works for your business. Consistency is the cornerstone of our brand, and we strive for zero defects, reworks, or returns.

We serve companies in several industries. In the aerospace industry, where reliability is essential and precision is of the utmost importance, we provide metal finishing services on both prototype and production components. In the medical industry we support OEM suppliers with metal finishing. We also do work for the automotive industry and the military, which requires precision and strength to continue operation in the harshest of conditions.

Metal Finishing Cleveland, Ohio

For more than three decades, Halo Metal Prep has offered high-quality metal finishing in Cleveland, Ohio. Our customers are located throughout the region, and we have solidified long relationships with most of them. For more information on how Halo Metal Prep can help you with your metal finishing needs, speak to an expert today.