Fast Turnaround on Metal Polishing & Buffing Services

Halo Metal Prep specializes in all facets of polishing, buffing, benchwork and diamond finishing. We pay special attention to flatness, radius detail and final surface finish requirements. Whether it’s new tooling or reconditioning of existing tooling, our highly qualified polishers and bench men can get the job done quickly without the loss of precious production time.

Let’s break down what our Polishing and Buffing services can do for you.

Metal Polishing Service Versus Buffing Service: What is the Difference?

Polishing and buffing are often thought of as identical, but there are actually important differences between them, including the results they produce.

Metal Polishing starts with abrasives that gradually get finer and finer. With polishing we’re looking to create a clean and defect-free surface or radius. We’re aiming for a specific finish within a certain micrometer reading depending on the finish required.

Buffing, on the other hand, uses a cotton, felt or sisal wheel with an added compound to achieve the desired finish: a shine or reflective surface. This process is usually performed last, after polishing.

Diamond Finishing

Diamond abrasives are used for the hardest materials. Some examples of applications where diamond abrasives are applied are on tool steels, super-alloys and carbides. These are used in stamping dies, forge dies, plastic injection molds and optical tooling. These are amongst the most common industries that need diamond abrasives to have their parts polished effectively.


When a part cannot be held and manipulated to an abrasive wheel or belt, benchwork may be required with use of but not limited to handheld die-grinders, files and stones.

When preparing Dies for production you need the smoothest surfaces with the least amount of friction possible. We are some of the most experienced in the business in bringing these qualities out of your production dies. For this we will employ our years of benchwork experience to make the determination of what finish is required of the end-product, or follow the specifications lined out in your production drawings — Benchwork may be required to bring that last bit of desired mirror-like shine that machining cannot create on its own.

Examples of components that may require manual benchwork or polishing are: Molds, Dies, Aircraft Landing Gear, Castings, heavy components that cannot be held by hand or Inner Diameter Polishing. Ready to get started? Request a quote below.

Applications of Our Polishing and Buffing Services

We have specialist experience in servicing aircraft landing gear, metal faucets, Military Tank Components, Naval Components, Non-Ferrous Parts and more. Whether finishing is required to bring a product to market or whether prototypes are required for testing, Halo Metal Prep’s Metal Polishing Service will provide you with what you need.

Halo Metal Prep can work with Steel, Titanium, Magnesium, Brass, Bronze, Aluminum, Copper, Nickel, Inconel®, Monel® and more. If you do not have a callout specified, or need one applied, we can assist in producing a certified callout for your specific part.

Our ISO-certified polishing and buffing services can be applied to a wide variety of applications for your business that you may not know about. Examples include:

  • Anvil Resurfacing: In order to make sure your die cutting machine works properly, it is important to take care of the anvil as well as the dies. We can resurface the flats and radii of well-used and worn dies & anvil’s to get more use out of the part.
  • Machine Tooling: A machine shop’s ability to thrive is in part based on how well they care for their investments. The biggest investments a shop makes are in its people, tools and machines. To make sure your capital invested equipment lasts as long as it should, it is important to take care of all accessories and parts. We can help deburr, clean, and polish different parts of your machines in order to keep them running at maximum effectiveness and efficiency. Whether you’re looking for a reduced coefficient of friction on a piece of metal or a tighter tolerance overall finish we can provide for your needs.

The Halo Metal Prep Difference

Metal Polishing and Buffing is a dying art. We are a pillar in the local industry and intend to keep the practice and tradition alive. Dean Mella (Head Polisher & President) has been polishing aircraft landing gear in his garage since the 1990’s. Through the 30+ years of experience we strive to differentiate ourselves not only through the quality of work but also through our customer service. Our ISO-certification signifies our work meets and exceeds industry standards and that we are dedicated to staying on time and on budget.

Precision Deburring and Polishing

A manual process performed by trained and highly skilled operators on parts that require deburring and polishing only in specified areas and to close tolerances.

A common term used for this is benching. A mechanical process is usually performed using hand-held die grinders and a variety of special abrasives for both interior and exterior finishing on ferrous and nonferrous components.

Benefits to Precision Deburring and Polishing include:

  • Edge radiusing for handling purposes or to meet the customers requirements

  • Exclusively addresses the area specified without affecting adjoining surface finishes or disturbing critical dimensions
  • Stress-relieving qualities are realized by removing stress risers that can cause cracks and lead to component failure
  • Not limited by the geometry of the part
  • Improves aesthetics
  • Helps with the functionality and smooth operation of working parts
  • Tolerances held within .001
  • Microfinishes held to customers specification

Production Polishing & Buffing

Halo Metal Prep performs on all ferrous and nonferrous metal components to the customer’s desired finish.

Production polishing and buffing differs from benching. Benching is the term used typically when the operator takes the polishing tool to the part. Production mechanical polishing also involves an operator, but the part is introduced to the polishing machine/device using a particular abrasive.

Production Polishing & Buffing Process Applications:

  • Stainless & Brass Faucets (Stamped or Casted)
  • Decorative Aluminum & Brass Fixtures (Casted, Fabricated, Stamped or extruded)
  • Automotive Trim and Wheels (Stamped, Casted or machined)
  • Medical/Surgical Instruments (Machined, Casted, Fabricated or Stamped)

Common Materials for Injection Molds & Dies:

  • S7

  • W1

  • M2
  • O1
  • D2

  • H13

  • A2

  • P20

Benefits of Die Polishing Services:

  • Coating Removal

  • Profilometer Certification

  • Competitive Pricing

  • Local Pick Up & Delivery